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Get Ready to ROW

Junior Indoor Rowing Programme

 and Personal Training

The CORE NATION ROW Academy is dedicated to introducing the Sport of Rowing to junior boys and girls of all backgrounds in a motivational, fun, safe and inclusive environment. Designed as an entry level Indoor Rowing Programme to educate and prepare young athletes for the transition to rowing in crew boats as Squads on the water across five integrated Modules.

Located in Maidenhead on the banks of the River Thames and led by British Rowing qualified and experienced coaches, the programme has been created by Darryl Preston B.Ed. P.E. Recognised as the entry level after School programme to prepare young boys and girls looking to join a local Rowing Club or Independent School squad.

The Indoor Rowing Squads will develop the skills to transition to on water Rowing; the terminology associated with Rowing, the role & terminology associated with Coxing; the spirit of teamwork, the fundamentals of training and the discipline required to CREW a boat safely.

'Its a great art, is rowing. It's the finest art there is. It's a symphony of motion. And when you are rowing well, why it's nearing perfection'.

George Yeoman Pocock from 'The Boys in the Boat' by Daniel James Brown

Junior Racing


‘Rowing is perhaps the toughest of sports. Once the race starts, there are no time-outs, no substitutions. It calls upon the limits of human endurance. The coach must therefore impart the secrets of the special kind of endurance that comes from mind, heart and body.’  George Yeoman Pocock, The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown

Junior Squads

Junior READY TO CREW Squad

  • J12 - J14 years of age

  • Mixed boys & girls

  • Up to 4 training sessions/week

  • 2 x 75min water sessions/week

  • Monday & Thursday Sessions

  • 2 x 45min land sessions/week

  • Wednesday & Friday sessions

Junior READY TO ROW Squad

  • J12 - J14 years of age

  • Mixed boys & girls

  • 2 x training sessions/week

  • 1 x 45min erg session/week

  • 1 x 45min strength & conditioning session/week

  • Wednesday & Friday sessions

  • Pre-booked online registration

Junior FRESHERS Squad

  • J10 - J12 years of age

  • Mixed boys & girls

  • 1 x 45min erg session/week

  • Monday afternoon sessions

  • No experience required

  • Pre-booked online registration



‘Rowing is perhaps the toughest of sports. Once the race starts, there are no time-outs, no substitutions. It calls upon the limits of human endurance. The coach must therefore impart the secrets of the special kind of endurance that comes from mind, heart and body.’

George Yeoman Pocock, The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown

The LAND TRAINING SESSIONS for all Squads are limited to 45minutes in duration as recommended in the guidelines provided by British Rowing, the Governing Body of the Sport of Rowing in the United Kingdom.


The SQUAD land training sessions are at 4:00pm-4:45pm or 5:00pm-5:45pm on Tuesday or Wednesday and Friday afternoons during Term time. Each Squad has a dedicated time and day and it is important to note the Squad times are not interchangeable.


The content covered within each Land Training session and any landmark scores or race times are provided to parents on a weekly basis. In addition, any Rowing specific terminology is also explained for the benefit of both the parents and the athlete. 


The WATER SESSIONS for the Junior Ready to Row Squad are 90minutes in duration each Monday evening from 6:00pm to 7:30pm during Term time in the summer months. This also allows for launching boats and re-racking of equipment.


Parents are provided with a synopsis of the training programme on a weekly basis.

ROW for fun | row for fitness | row to race
Training Modules


‘.....when you really start trusting those other boys, you will feel a power at work within you that is far beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. Sometimes, you will feel as if you have rowed right off the planet and are rowing among the stars.’         George Yeoman Pocock, from the Boys in the Boat by Daniel Brown

Training Modules

R2R Module 1

  • Introduction to the Concept2 Indoor Rower & PM5 Monitor

  • Learn & develop the sequencing of the base Rowing Stroke on the Indoor Rower

  • Explore the world of Time Trials & Indoor Racing

  • Discover the relationship between CORE conditioning & the THREE levers of RowingIntroduction to the Concept2 Indoor Rower & PM5 Monitor

Training Modules

R2R Module 2

  • On-going development of the Stroke Sequence

  • Develop an understanding of the relationship between Stroke Rate & Splits

  • Develop a strategy for Time Trials & Indoor Racing

  • Develop an understanding of CORE stability and CORE training

  • Training for an INDOOR REGATTA

Training Modules

R2R Module 3

  • Strength & Conditioning Training for Rowing

  • Training for CORE STABILITY on an unstable base

  • Dynamic Functional Circuit Training for Rowing

  • Flexibility Training for Rowing

  • Development of Cardio Vascular endurance

Training Modules

R2R Module 4

  • The Principles of Rowing a CREW Boat

  • Crew Rowing on SLIDES

  • An introduction to Coxing a crew

  • Racing a CREW BOAT on Slides

  • Rowing Structured Sessions

Training Modules

R2R Module 5

  • On WATER Rowing sessions in CREW boats

  • Crew Rowing on SLIDES

  • Discovering the technique of the on water STROKE with SCULLING Blades

  • Capsize and Recovery Drills

  • Coxing Theory & Practice

  • Learning to HANDLE a boat on & off the water

  • Learning to Row as a CREW member


CHANTAL, Windsor

The Junior Rowing Programme from our son's perspective is about having fun while being active, being motivated and having interaction with peers even while in lockdown. Our son has loved seeing his development progress which has been monitored and encouraged at all times. 

From a parent's perspective, we appreciate the quality of coaching, the very professional individual weekly progress reports and seeing how keen he is to join in at each session. The combination of both Erg-sessions and S&C sessions make it an excellent all-round preparation for WBSBC!

BEV, Windsor

Max joined Darryl’s ready to row programme at WLC having never rowed before & within a few months was taking part at the BRICs at the Olympic Velodrome.

At the BRICs he took part in the 2 minute  Year 7 race, coming 2nd  to win a silver medal at a National level. We were all delighted with his achievements in such a short time.

Max’s fitness and stamina has improved over the months thanks to Darryls weekly Erg training and fitness sessions.

WOODIE, Windsor

My 13 year old son is benefiting so much from the sessions.

Darryl shares his passion for rowing with the kids, inspiring them to do their best.

He coaches them to work as a team using personalised targets and feedback which builds their confidence.

The extra effort he has made to keep things going through the pandemic has been much appreciated.

KATE, Ascot

Olivia has benefited significantly from the steady professional coaching from Darryl.   The sessions build rapport in the junior group while focusing on developing their technical skills.

Olivia’s improvement within the group led to her winning a 3rd place medal at the BRICs 2020 with a significant PB. 

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